Free Baskin-Robbins Sundaes Every Hump Day in March


Wednesdays may just be getting a bit louder, as Baskin Robbins announces a buy-one-get-one sundae offer every Wednesday through March. Given that free ice cream induces screaming, we’ll all be screaming every hump day.

How exactly do you procure this free sundae? Easy, by buying a two-scoop sundae. And, with the economy tightening everyone’s belt, you can finally ask that lucky lady out to grab some ice cream without breaking the bank. She may just give you two scoops for the price of one after that.

However, let it be noted that this deal applies on Tuesdays and not Wednesdays if you live in NYC. Apparently, their Wednesdays are actually Tuesdays. NYC, go figure.

H/T FrugalCouponLiving

By Joey Nargizian

Joey is the 2017 Chopped champion. He also runs for President in 2020. But right now he is just eating, writing and playing soccer (not all at once). Pretty amazing trajectory if you ask him.

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