Things Get Real Awkward When a Free Coke is Forced On an OCD Customer [WATCH]


Usually free stuff equals happiness, but apparently it can also incite serious rage if it throws you off your routine.

According to RocketNews24, this took place in Taiwan, where a convenience store was holding a buy-one-get-one-free promotion for Coke. A man flipped out on the clerk who tried giving him the second Coke, saying that holding an extra Coke would literally break his hands from the extra weight.

The dude continued to yell ridiculous things such as (translated on the video), “Every day I pay for one and I leave with one!” and “I am a special assistant of an Asia CEO,” which I guess validated his Coke routine somehow.

The clerk tried to calmly tell the man that he could drink the extra Coke another day, or be nice and give the Coke to someone outside. That just enraged the man even more as he explained that he doesn’t know any of those freeloaders out there.

Although something as silly as this seems like it might have been staged, we’d like to believe this guy really is nuts and it all came from the heart- or a very sick psyche.

Check out the hilarious way the whole thing got settled:


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By Isai Rocha

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