Woman Finds Dead Bird’s Head in Bag of Spinach After Consuming Bag


As if a dead frog in a salad wasn’t bad enough we can add dead bird’s head in a bag of frozen veggies to our list of WTF food moments. A Sarasota woman came across the quarter sized bird’s head after she had already dined on some of the bag. To add insult to injury the tiny skull only had one eye which means that it’s very possible that her or her party guests had a little something extra in their appetizer bite. *shudder*


The bag of frozen spinach came from Publix, a popular grocery chain in Florida. While the market offered their sincerest apologies and a refund the woman doesn’t want anything from the store. Her main concern is two-fold: finding out where the rest of the bird is and pulling all the spinach bags off the shelf so no other customer has to go through the same thing. She later updated folks via Facebook to inform them a Publix representative had visited her with goodies ranging from gift cards to fruit baskets to bags of frozen veggies…including spinach.

H/T + PicThx Gothamist, My Fox Tampa Bay

By Ashley Khawsy

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