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Former Food Industry Employees Reveal Shocking Secrets About Their Old Workplaces

For those who’ve been itching to learn what it’s really like to work at your favorite eateries, some former food industry employees have allegedly set the record straight.

A recent AskReddit thread that called on people to reveal secrets about their old businesses turned up some pretty interesting stories from those who were employed at food businesses. Some are on the more positive and light-hearted side, while others reveal that working in a restaurant or food facility isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Foodbeast hasn’t been able to independently confirm the legitimacy of these stories, but if all of these are accurate, they’re quite telling about what goes on behind the scenes.

Pizza Hut Spray Cans

If the above is legit, Pizza Hut should seriously consider selling these. I’d definitely be down for Pizza Hut branded garlic PAM.

Should We Trust Restaurant Reviews?

Some studies have said that 1 in 5 Yelp reviews can be fake, so take those 5-star praises and 1-star bashings with a grain of salt. Especially now that people actually use bad reviews as a way to lash out at businesses mired in controversy.

Applebee’s Tabletop Computers

Free games sounds nice, but changing the tables could really mess things up in the Applebee’s system.

HEB 1, Whole Foods 0

For those unfamiliar, HEB is a popular grocery store chain based in Texas. Given the choice between the two, I’d definitely pick the scratch-made HEB baked goods.

Grocery Store Produce

Mold is definitely a common problem for fresh produce, but as long as you wash everything and check for mold beforehand, you should be fine.

Ice Machine Concerns

Research in the UK has found traces of fecal matter in the ice at major fast food chains, so it may be wise to take this person’s advice.

Working at Trader Joe’s/Costco

Guess these places are kinda like the In-N-Out of retail.

Soups, Sauces, and Sides in General

A lot of these actually keep quite well in the freezer and help preserve quality until used. Not necessarily a bad thing that stuff is frozen, although with major chains, would you expect everything to be scratch-made daily?

Hacking the Free Food Code System

Okay, we definitely need to experiment with this to see what works and what doesn’t.

A Little Cheesecake Factory Irony

Guess that’s why it’s called the “Cheesecake Factory?”

The Fajita Meat Isn’t What’s Sizzling

If this is all just for show, man, does it work well. My mouth’s always watering every time that fajita sizzle tickles my eardrums.

Buying Beer In Bulk

If you go through packs of beer pretty quickly, or if this is for an emergency beer run, you’ll probably down these before they expire as is, though.

How To Spot A Dope Sushi Place

No wonder sushi chefs put serious stress on the quality of how their rice is made.

White Castle Quality

For all of the bad rap fast food gets, they really do put time into ensuring cleanliness and consistency.

What It’s Like Being a Hooters Girl

Some of the things in here sound similar to what Foodbeast’s Isai Rocha experienced recently at Hooters. If it’s all true, some of it is on the more creepy side.

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