Food Truck Explodes In Middle Of Suburbs, Damages 20 Homes


Minnesota-based food truck Motley Crews exploded over the weekend. No, the food truck boom hasn’t found a second wind. We mean literally exploded. The food truck was parked in a Lakeville neighborhood when it blew up late Friday evening.

According to witnesses, the incident sounded “like a bomb.” Although nearly two dozen homes were damaged in the explosion, luckily no one was hurt. Police say the explosion was more than likely caused by a propane leak. While it’s still under investigation, a GoFundMe has launched in an effort to help the families affected by the damage.

Motley Crews is known for their burgers, sandwiches and Heavy Metal theme.

Witnesses say the explosion could be heard within a six-mile radius. The truck has tweeted a thank you for all the thoughts and prayers regarding the incident.

Photo by Fox 9

By Peter Pham

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