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We Made Some Creations For The #MyOreoCreation Contest, Here’s What They Look Like

Photo courtesy of OREO.

A couple of days ago, OREO launched their hype Fireworks OREOs in stores and also unleashed a new, fun contest in which fans can come up with their own OREO flavors. From now through July 14th, y’all can submit new OREO ideas on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtags #MyOreoCreation and #Contest (pictures or video recommended). The top three choices that Oreo decides on will get $25,000 in cash and their flavors on shelves in May 2018. Additionally, a grand prize winner will get $500,000 and exclusive access to OREO creations, including the ability to taste some flavors that are under lock and key.

When the Foodbeast squad heard about this fun little contest, we all decided to come up with some of our own unique flavors for the hell of it. Through our creative and overachieving brainpower and my horrible Photoshop skills, we’ve brought some of the funniest ideas to life for y’all to enjoy (and maybe get inspired to make your own flavors as well).

Elie Ayrouth

The Cat Piss Oreo

A bright yellow Oreo, likely colored with tons of Yellow No. 5, that reminds you of cleaning up after your cat when it gets pissed.

Michael Priestley

The DigornOreo

A pizza-inspired cookie with a “pizza crust”-colored cookie on bottom, cheese cookie on top, marinara creme, and a single slice of pepperoni. It’s not delivery. It’s DigornOreos.

Isai Rocha

The Donald Trump Oreo

A pack of Cheeto-Orange OREO minis (for the Donald’s tiny hands), and a Russian dressing interior. Apparently doesn’t pair well with the now-discontinued James Comey Oreo.

Peter Pham

Death’s Sweet Kiss

A regular old Cinnamon Bun Oreo, but with a slice of Carolina Reaper chili hidden inside. Your mouth will die upon the first bite, but at least the cinnamon is a nice flavor touch.

Reach Guinto

The Flavortown Oreo

A shoutout to the Flavortown gawd, Guy Fieri. Golden, flame-emblazoned Oreo cookies filled with hair gel and dressed up with Oakley shades. If you can afford it, serve these bad boys up in a red Camaro.

Rudy Chaney

The Pepsi Oreo

This is one Pepsi-inspired thing Kendall Jenner would probably never want to give to the cops. It’s pure white on the outside, and contains a pepper-spray creme interior. You’ll definitely stay woke by chomping down on this Oreo.

Constantine Spyrou

The Lebron James Oreo

Celebrating the basketball reputations of LeBron in a single Oreo. “Brick-Red” red velvet Oreo cookies, and a floppy fish cream interior. Apparently, the Oreos also get really soft when put near air conditioners.
While these flavors would never make it onto the shelves, if you want to see yours up there, make sure to get your serious flavor submissions in by mid-July. Who knows, you might see it on store shelves within the next year or so.

By Constantine Spyrou

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