Foodbeast Shares Their Fathers’ Drinks of Choice

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Happy Father’s Day, Foodbeasts! Since it was usually our dads who snuck us sips of their Old Fashioneds when we were kids, this post goes out to them. Foodbeast asked their fathers what their drink of choice was, and we got everything from Madras to  Seagram’s Slut Banger. Really.

So, here’s to you dad.

For making us laugh with those never-ending corny jokes, for setting up family barbecues in the summer sun, for singing us to sleep in that off-key, husky voice, for bringing us to our first baseball game, for insisting we hold your hand when we crossed the street, and for always giving us honest, kind advice.

Cheers to the best guy in the world!


“I never met a wine I didn’t like.” –  Mr. Ayrouth

“I know my go to drink should be a manly sounding drink featuring an aged whiskey or double scoop scotch brand drink of some sort (can you tell I’m not a drinker?) with a name like Seagram’s Slut Banger or Rotchyerkokov Russian Rye (which would also be a GREAT bread name, right?). But that just isn’t me. Give me coffee. Now. Please.” – Sir Chaney

“Brandy, no ice, straight up.” – Mr. Madarang

“My drink of choice is an old fashioned, without a doubt. I learned how to make them back in my college days in Vermont . . . those were the days.” – Papa Kharrat

“7 and 7.” – The Buzelli

“Bud Lite . . . I’m watching my calories.” – Mr. Pham

“Torn between Bacardi and Coke . . . cuz I’m HOOD like that . . . or Tokyo Tea . . . ‘cuz I’m Asian like that.” – Mr. Khawsy (AKA Thug Nasty)

“I usually go for a Madras. It’s just vodka, cranberry and orange juices so it’s nearly impossible to screw up, and it tastes great.” – Mr. Simcik


By Charisma Madarang

Charisma has an undying love for gritty literature and drinks coffee like water. She also hails from Toronto, Canada and is a die-hard Maple Leafs fan, sigh.

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