This Professor Uses Food To Help Students Better Understand Math


Eugenia Cheng, a senior lecturer at the University of Sheffield in the UK, has a passion for math. However, Cheng knows that the subject can be overwhelming for some students and has found a way to teach the concepts to a wider audience.

She uses food.

It started when she was explaining a theory to students when she realized she could illustrate it best with blueberry jelly and yogurt. Cheng then switched gears and pretended she was on a cooking show as she explained the aspect of algebraic number theory, Wired reports.

Since, Cheng uses food as a powerful teaching tool that seems to work just fine with her students. Cheng has also written an entire cook/textbook based on her methods: How to Bake π: An Edible Exploration of the Mathematics of Mathematics.

Check out one of her many food-based lectures below.

By Peter Pham

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