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Food Fight: Froyo VS. Ice Cream


This week’s battle pairs two frozen favorites against each other to find out which one can melt the competition. Aside from being equally delicious frozen treats, ice cream and frozen yogurt have unique characteristics on their own.

Determining which is superior, however, can cause a brain freeze.If you were forced to pick one for the rest of your life, but can’t decide, here’s a food fight to help you make up your mind.


Did you Know?

ice cream scoop

Early forms of ice cream were enjoyed during the Roman Empire, it was made by combining ice and different flavors of cream made with fruit and milk.

Yogurt, on the other hand, was exported into the U.S. from the Middle East during the early 1900s. The frozen version has been a relatively newer creation in the U.S.; TCBY (This Can’t Be Yogurt), claims to be the first commercial frozen yogurt producer.


Calories (Vanilla, per 100 grams)

Ice Cream: 207 calories

Frozen Yogurt: 159 calories


Taste and Consistency

Ice cream: Unique in texture as it’s soft, with a hint of rugged frigidness. The initial taste is sweet and creamy, but then the softness settles in and feels like you are jumping into a tub of chilled whipped cream. The chilly shock awakens the senses, but the cream quickly melts away into a thick milky puddle of sugary goodness.

Frozen Yogurt: It isn’t exactly yogurt, but it’s not exactly ice cream either, although it has similar characteristics. At first, the consistency is a bit firmer than ice cream, but not as creamy. The first spoonful of froyo almost disintegrates instantaneously, leaving behind a sterile, almost bland aftertaste.


What’s working for you

Both: A bowl of ice cream or frozen yogurt on a hot day can be an absolute god send. Adding fresh fruit and other toppings can enhance an already delicious snack while supplying some calcium.

Frozen Yogurt: This treat can be associated as ice cream’s diet-friendly alternative because it’s definitely less fattening than ice cream. Just go easy on the toppings.

Ice Cream: Other than supplying you with your daily dose of dairy and soothing your tonsils after a tonsillectomy, ice cream isn’t doing much for health.


What’s working against you

Both: Like other amazing desserts, eating too much ice cream or frozen yogurt can have ill effects on teeth, weight, and overall health.

Ice Cream: Contains more fat and calories, due to the sugar and heavy cream.

Frozen Yogurt: This might sound healthier, but the process of freezing the yogurt eliminates the probiotic enzyme found in regular yogurt, meaning that your digestive tract won’t get the probiotic benefits yogurt delivers.


Winner: Frozen Yogurt


Photo: Wikimedia

While ice cream is traditionally the classic favorite, this food fighter can see a clear winner in frozen yogurt. It comes in a variety of blended flavors, like chocolate and vanilla swirl, and convenience alone is a big advantage. It’s almost unfair having to compare these two desserts, but with less calories and a lighter, more manageable aftertaste frozen yogurt is a simple and semi-healthy dessert.

By Evan Lancaster

A journalist focusing on news and anything that's trending. Insists that cherry flavoring makes any soft drink better. Follow him on Twitter or Instagram at @ThatsThatFuego.

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