Foodie Dice Encourages You to Gamble with Your Food

Foodie Dice

Coming up with new and exciting dinner options can be tough, especially after a long day. That’s where Foodie Dice comes in, taking care of of dinnertime creativity for you.

The recently-funded Kickstarter project is a set of nine dice — five primary (grain/carb, protein, cooking method and a bonus ingredient) and four seasonal vegetables (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) — that come in either a pouch or a tumbler. Simply give ’em a roll, and see what’s for dinner!

Check out all ingredients below:

Foodie Dice

Over 186,000 whole ingredient meals are possible with the standard dice set. But if you want a few more choices, the Seasonal Dinners Booster Set gives you one more option each for vegetarian protein, spices, dessert and a wild card.

Foodie Dice Seasonal Dinners Pouch/Tumbler, $24/$38 @Foodie Dice

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By Cameron Simcik

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