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Floyd Mayweather Is Paying This Chef $1000 Per Plate Until His Pacquiao Fight


Floyd Mayweather is not someone you should learn to budget from. Of course, if your nickname was “Money” too, things might be different.

There are probably few other more expensive ways to prepare for a fight than by hiring a private, on-call 24/7 chef to prepare healthy $1,000 meals for you.

Mayweather hired California-born Chef Q, real name Quiana Jeffries, who served as executive chef at Soul Dog in North Hollywood, California and is also affiliated with caterer Chefism. But until the May 2 Pacquiao/Mayweather fight, she is “The Chef that’s Beastin in Floyd Mayweather’s Kitchen,” according to her Instagram.


“My daily schedule for Floyd is ‘There is no schedule’ … I am here for him anytime. 24 hours, 7 days a week. If he needs me at 3 am, I am there cooking up breakfast.”

She makes everything from scratch using only organic ingredients.

“Also, we are really big on juicing right now … So if Floyd wants something to drink, it’s juiced through organic fruits.”


Chef Q told TMZ Sports that she doesn’t even normally charge $1,000 a plate, but Mayweather “felt my dishes were worth that much.” Chef Q is cooking up an estimated four meals a day for 46 days until the fight, so she’ll be raking in about $184,000 in total.

“He’s always been mindful of what he eats but there is something different about this fight.”

Is it maybe that he’s anxious and taking a no-expenses-spared mentality to give it his all when it comes to facing Pacquiao and protecting his undefeated record?

Then again, $184,000 is a small investment compared to the potential $120 million he’ll take home from boxing’s richest fight, win or lose.

Written by NextShark’s Max Chang, Images via Instagram

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