Florida Woman Claims This Goldfish is Literally ‘Christ on a Cracker’

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We’ve all had our moments of appreciation for Goldfish cracker’s cheesy goodness, but one woman from Melbourne, Florida has taken Goldfish worship to the next level — by claiming her cracker is a sign from God.

Apparently, Melbourne resident Patti Burke was working her way through a bag of her favorite snacks when she noticed that one of the Goldfish crackers was just a little different, “He had a cross on him, and he had a crown circle up by his head. Something I’ve never seen before out of all the Goldfish I’ve eaten.”

Burke, who eats two to three pounds of Goldfish in an average week, knew that this cracker was special. “I believe it’s a sign, a sign from God,” she told reporters.

Since Goldfish manufacturer Pepperidge Farms has denied deliberately manufacturing the crossed cracker,  Burke’s salty revelation might in fact be proof of divine intervention. We’re a little doubtful that Goldfish would be the Lord’s cracker of choice — Saltines are certainly holier — but hey, we won’t bash anyone’s taste in sacred snack food. We’re just happy that (according to Burke) God loves our favorite cheddar-flavored munchies as much as we do.

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