The Amazing Floating Mug Concept Bids Adieu to Those Pesky Condensation Rings

Let’s face it, we’re getting to that age where maybe we are starting to care about those pesky condensation rings on the table after a guest visits. But you still try to avoid that awkward moment where you figure out how to work “Hey asshole, use a coaster!” into the conversation. Well now, that problem can be easily fixed with the swanky new Floating Mug!

Created by Tigere Chiriga, the mug concept is designed to prevent heat from damaging tables and leaving behind those undesirable rings that can never seem to go away. The concept for the mug came to Chiriga after being constantly chewed out by his wife to use a coaster for his tea.

Chiriga has currently reached his goal on Kickstarter and aims to have the mugs ready by Christmas.

via: That’sLikeWhoa

By Peter Pham

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