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A Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Turkey Recipe Has Got The Internet Buzzing

In humanity’s continual quest to see how far we can push the limits of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos dishes, someone has finally added the spicy chips to the traditional Thanksgiving bird. We have now been blessed (or disgraced, depending on how you feel about it) with a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos turkey recipe.

In preparation for the upcoming holiday, tinfoil giant Reynolds released a trio of chip-topped recipes for the typical Thanksgiving centerpiece. Apart from Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, which are referred to as “hot puffed cheese sticks,” there are also turkey prep methods involving Cool Ranch Doritos and Funyuns.

Of course, everyone jumped at the Hot Cheetos version, because the internet always goes berserk when people smother them on top of anything edible. Not everyone was on board with this turkey, however. When asked for thoughts about Reynolds’s creation, Foodbeast’s Isai Rocha had this to say:

“I hope that turkey burns in hell. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos hell.”

An onslaught of Twitter reactions that followed Reynolds’ gimmicky recipe also mocked its existence.

While normally, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos creations are dishes the internet flips for, these reactions to this Hot Cheetos turkey recipe signal that the trend may have gone a little too far this time. However, for hardcore Flamin’ Hot Cheetos fans, the fiery Thanksgiving twist could be worth a shot.

By Constantine Spyrou

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