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Fireworks OREOs, Complete With Popping Candy, Just Got Turned Into A DQ Blizzard

Last year, Mondelez sent the Internet abuzz with the debut of their Fireworks OREOs. Imbued with popping candy, each bite set your mouth alight with a crackling fizz akin to firecrackers.

Looks like OREOs’ makers are on to the popping candy hype again, as they’ve dropped it into a new Dairy Queen Blizzard, just in time for the Fourth of July.

fireworks oreos

Photo courtesy of Dairy Queen

DQ’s new OREO Firework Blizzard Treat meshes the two key components of the Fireworks OREO together in a way that gives you maximum fizz and flavor. OREO cookies and individual pieces of popping candy are mixed into vanilla soft serve to construct the Blizzard.

It was a smart move to separate the two individual flavors, over just trying to incorporate Fireworks OREOs. You’re going to get more snapping per sip as the larger popping candy pieces take longer to dissolve and crackle on your tongue. Thus, the sensory contrast this Blizzard provides is pushed to the max, giving you a fun drink to celebrate and sip on for the Fourth.

The Dairy Queen-OREO collab is available now through the end of July, so you can get your Fireworks OREO fix in frozen treat form.

By Constantine Spyrou

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