Abduct and Farm Precious Egg Yolks With This Glorified Egg-Shaped Vacuum

Quirky Pluck

Food inventions rule. Most make our lives way easier, and are just plain ol’ awesome. Remember the Eat Me Crunchy bowl that keeps flakes from getting soggy? Life-changing. And so, to add to the never-ending list of useless but totally necessary food inventions — say hello to the Quirky Pluck, y’all!

You know how it’s nearly impossible to separate an egg yolk from the whites without making a totally gross mess? Well, the Quirky Pluck is here to save us from said misery. With one little squeeze, the egg separator sucks up the yolk with ease (rhyme swag for days, yo). Check it out in full action below:

Cool guys! You invented the water bottle:

Quirky Pluck $13 @Quirky

H/T The Awesomer + PicThx Quirky

By Cameron Simcik

Cameron is a Philadelphia native who is borderline obsessed with chocolate, coffee and sushi. She writes for TheFW and The Daily Meal, and making a mean chocolate chip cookie is her specialty. She also tries pizza everywhere she travels in hopes someday she'll become one of those cool pizza snobs.

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