Fiat to Release the First In-Car Espresso Machine

No reports confirm whether Xzibit was the mastermind behind this idea, but this ride seems pretty pimp nonetheless.

Fiat, the car that has made entire cities chase Jennifer Lopez down the street and turned Charlie Sheen into the Drift King has announced that its 500L model will be the first car in the world to come standard with a built-in espresso machine.

Naturally, the Italian company’s 500L and its interesting little machine will make its debut in Italy this October before making its way through the rest of Europe.

Fiat is teaming up with Lavazza, an Italian coffee company known for being “Italy’s favorite Coffee,” and will be using the concept from its A Modo Mio” coffee capsules.

Fiat said that its target audience is people who feel that texting isn’t extreme enough and need an extra distraction while operating a motorized vehicle. And while obviously, Fiat really didn’t say that, the potential risk of the built-in espresso machine being a distraction will probably lead to the feature never seeing the light of day in the U.S..

So Americans might never find out if this is the distraction that breaks the stereotype that distractions lead to people not paying attention to their driving and causing accidents.

The concept of a built-in espresso machine sounds cool at first, until you think of the pouring process and how easy it is to spill things inside a moving car. If there is a built-in Frappuccino, or iced coffee maker in the works, then interest might shoot up considering the element of burning yourself goes out the window.

Congratulations, Italy. You’ve officially been “pimped.”

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