FDA Trans Fat Ban Spells Death to Margarine & Your Favorite Processed Foods


The FDA dropped heavy news Thursday, announcing their move to eliminate artificial trans fats from processed food. This could mean a major change to many standard foods, from frozen pizzas to those gas station coffee creamers you hoard.

Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg, the FDA’s commissioner, said the ban could prevent 7,000 deaths and 20,000 heart attacks from heart disease a year. Although many brands removed trans fats from their products, such as McDonald’s and Top Ramen, when the agency first required manufacturers to provide clear labeling seven years ago, it’s still present in many quick-and-cheap foods.

The proposal is now up for 60 days of public comment, after which the FDA will declare partially hydrogenated oils — the root of trans fats — as no longer “generally recognized as safe.” If the proposal is able to eliminate trans fats altogether, even trace amounts will be banned. At the moment, products containing less than .5 grams of the oils are not required to be listed.

While companies have the chance to prove scientifically that trans fats are safe for consumption, given the overwhelming amount of evidence showing the contrary, that would be a difficult feat to accomplish. As NYT points out, the Institute of Medicine concluded that there is “no safe level for consumption of artificial trans fats.”

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3 replies on “FDA Trans Fat Ban Spells Death to Margarine & Your Favorite Processed Foods”

Theyre worried about these fats but have nothing to say about all the hormones and additives that are banned in most all countries except the US & how about GMO corn, or the poison aspartame or HFCS that IS THE ROOT CAUSE of obesity. Id say the industry didnt give the bribe $ to the right person in time the corrupt piles of chit!

Yet they’re allowing processed chicken parts to come in from China. Go figure.

I personally avoid trans fats. If a label lists “partially (or fully) hydrogenated oils” in the ingredients, back on the shelf it goes. But that’s my choice. Do I miss the trans fats being in foods it used to be in? Not really. But we’ve been consuming trans fats for years before we even knew they were bad.

On one hand I’m glad they’re getting rid of them. On the other hand, I’m getting a little sick of all the food regulation. Once it starts, where does it end? What will be banned next? Most people know that saturated fats in unreasonable amounts are bad for you. Are they going to eventually ban animal products, where most of our saturated fat comes from, from the store shelves as well? Saturated fats also play a large role in high cholesterol and heart disease, just like trans fats do.

I look at it this way – if one thing don’t kill me, something else will. You can’t just keep eliminating food items that are unhealthy. We’re eventually going to be eating plants and nuts because that will be the only things available. But I’m sure they’ll find something wrong with those as well, one of these days. Mark my words. In 5 years’ time they’ll discover that foods high in antioxidants aggravate certain types of cancer.

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