Father-Son Duo Pulled Off A $41,000 Chicken Wing Heist And Sold Them Off Like Drug Deals

The father and son duo of Paul Rojek, 56, and Joshua Rojek, 33, were both accused of stealing $41,000 worth of chicken wings from Twin Trees Too in Syracuse.

Investigators said that the duo had been placing the orders directly from the wholesaler they worked for, taking the wings for themselves, then re-selling the chicken wings to both people on the streets and other businesses at a discounted rate.


Both men attempted to cover their theft by destroying receipts and other proof of transactions, but it didn’t work as the two were caught, charged with third-degree grand larceny and falsifying business records.

The two are now spending some quality family time at Syracuse City Jail with bail set at $2,400. They could probably use that chicken wing money right about now.

h/t + picthx pressconnects

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