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10 Times Fast Food Staff Had Enough And Serve Revenge Instead

Working in the quick-service industry, you sometimes have to put up with tons of shitty customers and even shittier management. After a while, some employees reach their breaking point and finally decide to clap back at customers or even upper management.

We dug around and found some of the most nasty, hilarious, and horrifying instances where fast food workers get revenge. While we’re not condoning any of these actions, it’s fascinating to see how far some will go to quell the rage festering inside of them.

McDonald’s ice cream

A former McDonald’s employee made sure to give one middle finger to his bosses by leaking an alleged photo of some restaurant equipment that allegedly came out of the Golden Arches’ ice cream machine. Nasty stuff.

Soda cup

Here’s a tale we found on Reddit, of the pettiest variety of revenge. It begins in a place not unlike your local commercial burger parlor: 

So I use to work at a fast food place and nothing will make you lose faith in humanity faster than that or a retail job. Anyways… I am working the drive thru window where you hand the people their shit, wave em off, and on to the next one – I also have to make the customer’s drinks. We, like most places, have an automated soda fountain that, with the press of a button, fills the cup with soda. It’s very helpful being able to fill up 5 different cups of ice and watch them all fill up simultaneously… pretty satisfying too.

Now to the story. Next car pulls up, it’s a dad and his daughter. I hand pops his drinks and he’s looking at them oddly.

After I hand off the sodas he says to me, annoyed, “Could you bother filling these up all the way, buddy?”

The drinks fill up automatically, and ever single time, not even a half inch below from the brim of the cup for a couple of reasons:

1.) So when you put the straw in soda doesn’t spurt out.

2.) So when I put the lid on your drink, soda doesn’t come out the sides.

Nope. This guy really acted like I was stiffing him here.
What do I do? I give my fakest smile and “Wow, okay sorry about that!” ever, and proceed to fill up his sodas to the brim, to the point where the soda is over the brim, barely clinging together from overflowing.

Then I put the lids on – of course soda comes out – and the lids are distorted, looking like they’re about to burst from the pressure of the soda they are still retaining within the cup. I made sure to wipe of the sides of the cups.

I then hand him the drinks. “Here you go, bud.”

He felt accomplished but when I said that I noticed he knew he might have overreacted I think. Not sure, meh.

He then goes to put his straw in.

Soda shoots out the straw opening, out from the lid’s sides, and all over his cup holder and car.

I had handed off his food to him already so it was pretty glorious watching him fumble around in his bag for napkins while his embarrassed high school daughter bitched him out for asking for more soda.

He could have asked for more napkins too as I stared at him – I never closed the window, but he didn’t. He did what he needed to do – never look at me again and leave.

KFC Pubes

A Wales purveyor of Kentucky Fried Chicken found themselves in hot water after two customers complained about the service they received from him. His course of action was to pulled out his own pubic hair and mix it into the young women’s food. After posting it to social media, however, he was fired.

Starbucks Baristas

Starbucks baristas arguably have it the worst out of all the quick-service professions. Not only are they bombarded with customers with difficult-to-spell names, but many customers in a rush sometimes tend to be on the ruder side. Especially before they get their caffeine fix. If you ever wondered if there were discreet ways Starbucks baristas mess wth your drink order, here they are.

Dunkin’ Donuts Resignation

A post shared by Caitlan Webster (@caityweb) on

Another shining example of an employee quitting their job in the best way possible. This dude put in his resignation at Dunkin’ Donuts with one of the most hilarious Instagram captions we’ve seen. As we recall, he claimed the situation was too real to post on Facebook.

Back off!

Another nugget of Reddit revenge gold:

I was 18 and in my first “managerial” job, i.e. Swing Shift Manager, at a fast food burger joint. Like every place, we had a couple of “usuals” who were assholes for the sake of being assholes. One of them, an over-the-top egregiously aggressive woman who found fault with everything, would go ballistic if you so much as failed to address her as “ma’am” in every sentence.

Things came to a head when she was so rude to one of our counter clerks that she made the girl cry. I told the girl to go back to the break room and take a breather, and then calmly informed the woman that she was no longer welcome in our store.

That triggered the nuclear option.

I waited for the screaming and cursing to stop, waved her to the door, and then watched as she left.

I sent Corporate her CC number and license plate info, and they sent her a “you’re banned from ALL the stores” letter, filed it with the local PD, and told us to call the cops immediately if she ever showed up in our store again.

Which she did.

A few weeks later, she showed up ready to launch into another tirade for whatever imagined offense might occur. We politely kicked her out despite her screaming that the do-not-trespass order was fake, wasn’t legal, didn’t apply to her, her lawyer said. It happened again a couple of times, but eventually her luck broke and there happened to be two cops on their dinner break in the restaurant.

I was on shift that night. And I can tell you that I have rarely been so satisfied as when I showed the officers the order, identified the woman as the person referred to in it, told them about the frequent return visits and then watched them arrest her on the spot. Best of all, I never had to testify — she went totally ballistic and scratched a cop’s face. No need to book her for trespassing when resisting arrest and cop assault were so convenient!

After they hauled her away, I noticed that her car was still in our lot… Oh yissss. That call to the towing company was the most satisfying two minutes of my young life.

Sure, I could have just let it sit there until she came back for it. But make my register clerk cry? Yeah, enjoy your trip to the impound lot… ma’am.

McDonald’s Beatdown

Violence is never the answer. However, this McDonald’s clerk had no qualms tackling his manager and exchanging fisticuffs with the gentleman. The fight was caught on camera by a customer and immediately went viral. Wonder what triggered this gentleman? It’s highly doubtful he’s working there still.

$20,000 McDonald’s truck heist

Not technically a McDonald’s clerk, but rather a story from a truck driver delivering frozen goods to the burger restaurant. The driver, who was part of McDonald’s distribution firm, made a detour to a Harlem deli where he sold $20,000 worth of frozen fries, burgers, and nuggets to the delicatessen.

Sick days

Not too long ago, a few Jimmy John’s employees were championing for paid sick leave among the staff. They created the meme, pictured above, that essentially called out the company for forcing their sandwichers to work, even if they were sick. Unfortunately, the employees behind the meme were fired for being “disloyal.” They did, however, spread the word about sick days, and got a conversation going about working with food while sick.

Mike from McDonald’s

Sometimes a good revenge story doesn’t have to hurt someone. Rather, it can inspire others and make them feel better about themselves during their darkest times. That’s what happened when Mike Waite, a young man from McDonald’s took a stand on Facebook and stood up for anyone working in the food industry.

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