Art Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss

This Artist Renders Your Favorite Fast Food Mascots into Adorable Anime Characters

Our obsession with fast food just intensified, because now we absolutely can’t stop picturing them as these anime characters with intersecting story lines.

Artist Ozumii has reimagined our favorite fast food mascots as anime characters with relatable and over the top personalities that make you want to believe that’s how they are in real life.


While the Starbucks siren does not have a name, we’d like to think she’s a little more spritely than your average barista on a busy Monday morning.

Jack in the Box

Oh so that’s what Jack looks like when he’s not a total egghead!  I can totally get used to seeing this guy waking up his subordinates at ridiculous hours of the morning to bounce his brunch menu ideas off of.

Burger King

We prefer the more animated, bolder-voiced King of Burgers  ruling on a French fry throne over the creepy mute, masked one appearing in the current commercials.


Now THIS looks like a guy who would steal all your meat without remorse or mercy.  Not this guy:



Bruh… The Colonel is yolked!  I guess that fried chicken diet is ‘doubling down’ on his gains.  I wouldn’t want to mess with him in the ring.


Wendy’s & McDonalds

This love/hate or brother/sister OTP is hard to get over.  They’re just like us: fighting over what to eat, dismissing each other’s affection and trash talk.


By Raphael Madrid

Raphael is a lot better at eating than he is cooking. He also opts for the al pastor over the carne asada in his tacos and burritos. Mild in the streets, picante in the sheets. Vegeta > Vegetables.