Fake Chef Pranks Clueless TV Reporters into Eating Ham, Pie and Gravy Smoothie


Self-proclaimed “chef” Keith Guerke went live on five talk shows over the holidays to promote his cookbook Leftovers Right. Guerke’s book focused on recipes featuring leftovers in new and “innovative” ways. It was supposed to be a great, informative piece on jazzing up your Thanksgiving remnants. However, there was one little thing Guerke failed to mention: he wasn’t a chef. In fact, he was really terrible (see: awesome) at the whole thing.

In a prank pulled by Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher of the Found Footage Festival, Guerke made it on legitimate TV stations in Wisconsin and Illinois. With recipes like a ham, pie and gravy smoothie and a mashed potato ice cream cone with corn sprinkles, the TV hosts seemed to show genuine interest in the concoctions regardless of how disgusting they looked. Pickett and Prueher later stated that it wasn’t too difficult getting their “chef” airtime since most of the stations they visited were desperately looking for holiday content.

Check out this cringeworthy video below.

H/T First We Feast

By Peter Pham

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