This Fake Baby Drinking Flask Is as Creepy as the People Who Want One


This looks so wrong on so many levels, yet it’s somewhat clever and being funded by a lot of people.

The Cool Baby has an internal container so you can store your drink of choice, such as an adult beverage, without seeing any judgmental eyes floating around you. Granted, onlookers might find it odd that you’re sensually sucking on a child’s head.

Also, if you’re not sneaky with it, it can become fairly obvious that you’re holding a doll, which always makes adults look creepy. That’s unless you’re Bradley Cooper in American Sniper, then fake babies get you nominated for awards.

The container holds up to 36 ounces of liquid and has a straw that sticks out of the baby’s head for easy drinking access.


The doll looks eerily familiar to the baby from The Hangover, but you can totally change the way you dress it and make it your own.

The creators say on their Kickstarter page that “Drinking in public is now adorable.” Pretty convincing, at least to the 223 backers who’ve collectively shelled out over $12,000. They’re still short of their $70,000 goal, which has until February 28 to be reached.

Check out the creepy video below to find out all the convenient ways to use this unsettling baby flask:

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By Isai Rocha

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