Fair Famous ‘Chicken Charlie’ Looking To Open Restaurant in OC or SD


Fair Food Stand Owner and Entrepreneur Charlie Boghosian, AKA Chicken Charlie, told FOODBEAST exclusively about his current search for an appropriate retail space for his first brick-and-mortar restaurant. That’s right Southern Californians, imagine all the totally fried Oreos and Klondike Bars you want, anytime of the year.

Orange County-ites and San Diegans (/glass case of emotion), where should the first Chicken Charlie’s restaurant come to fruition? Main Street Huntington Beach? The Gaslamp District?

Chicken Charlie released 4 new items at the San Diego and Orange County Fair including FryBQ Ribs (Deep-Fried BBQ Ribs), Totally Fried Cool Aid, Fried Thin Mints and Totally Fried Browines. Chicken Charlie serves approximately 3,000 customers a day at the OC Fair, otherwise known as 3,000 diets broken.


Chicken Charlie also told FOODBEAST of plans to launch a home fryer appliance of similar novelty to the George Foreman Grill (estimated price around 75 dollars). And lastly don’t be surprised if you see a Chicken Charlie Recipe Book down the line to be sold with his collection of rubs, marinades and sauces. Charlie’s Spicy BBQ sauce is our favorite, and we want to see FryBQ in Orange County real soon.

Any California residents have a chance to try any of Chicken Charlie’s Fair Food? Which were your favorite?


By Geoff Kutnick

Geoffrey Kutnick is the King of Soft Serve. Been placing ice cream in soup bowls at the buffet since '87.

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