Eladio's Restaurant

Recently I was in Santa Barbara for my uncle Mark’s wedding. After an incredible night of drinking and partying, and a morning of a pretty heavy hangover, food couldn’t sound any better. My sister had been to this spot on State St. called Eladio’s which sounded great to all the parties involved, so we all walked down the beach to get some breakfast. Follow me through this meal, because it was seriously on another level.

Choices, choices, choices..

Arnold Palmer; lemonade & iced tea. Had to do it.

O.J…did it..maybe?

Root Beer float! Solid choice but I couldn’t hang in the morning.

Then someone from another table ordered some pretty drinks.
And here comes the food.

Crab cake eggs benedict, not much else to say because it was amazing.

Seared ahi tuna baja salad.

BBQ’d chicken salad.

Ceasar salad, I was eating with what I now realize as semi-healthy people.

Same salad, but with grilled ahi tuna instead of seared. Both looked so good, you know I had to try a little.

Grilled albacore fish tacos with black beans I believe, whatever it was it was also…you know it amazing.

Sourdough and fries as snacks for the weak stomachs.

Apparently this place was known for their desserts, so as we were waiting for those specialties to come I took a look around to find that the ceiling had a great painting done on it. I would definitely want something like that painted in my own house because it just gives such a cool environment feel.

And then dessert came:

Chocolate mud pie with caramel and strawberries.

Oreo cookie sundae explosion of some sort.

Triple chocolate cake on chocolate with some more chocolate. Oh and strawberries, I guess. With some more chocolate.

Handled it. And then the aftermath.

Next time you’re in Santa Barbara and want a amazing meal, check out Eladio’s:

Eladio’s Restaurant
1 State St
Santa Barbara, CA 93101