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Watch The 7 Best Eggo Waffle Commercials From Our Childhood

It’s astounding how three words so easily became synonymous with a brand for decades. Whenever we hear the phrase uttered, we immediately picture two people in a kitchen fighting over the last Eggo Waffle. Those three words:

L’eggo my Eggo.

In honor of the upcoming National Waffle Day on August 24th, we found some of the most iconic Eggo Waffle commercials to ever air. No joke, chances are you’ll probably find us at a freezer aisle of a supermarket with a mountain of Eggo boxes in hand after watching these vintage ads.

See how many you can remember seeing on TV!

L’eggo My Eggo

One of the earliest ads, if not the very first, this 1972 Eggo commercial popularized the famous catchphrase that would become a pillar for the frozen breakfast brand for years to come. Here, a lippy kid is arguing with his bill-paying father about who deserves the golden brown disc smothered in maple syrup. Homeboy’s act of defiance lit the match of childhood waffle insubordination for generations.

1980 Jason Hervey

You may remember Jason Hervey as the obnoxious older brother to Kevin Arnold in the classic Wonder Years. Before he made it big as an ‘8os-’90s actor, Hervey was the star of an Eggo Waffle commercial. Watch as this adorable tyke tricks his sister into staying away from his waffles by pretending there’s some kind of something on her arm.

The Eggo Waffle Man

In 2005, Eggo Waffles aired a slightly disturbing commercial that featured an anthropomorphic Eggo Waffle walking along minding his own business. Suddenly, a giant fork comes out of nowhere as the golden-brown humanoid runs for his life. Sure it was hilarious at the time, but looking back at those shots of a fork cutting through that crispy waffle soon after, it’s actually pretty dark.

Hey, Squirt

As a kid with older siblings, you tend to have to fight to get the last serving of breakfast upon occasion. Eggo Waffle’s 1994 commercial featured a kid who wished he was bigger than his brother just so he wouldn’t lose out on that breakfast waffle every morning simply because of his small stature. Note how much this kid looks uncanny to the one from the 1972 Eggo ad that ran nearly 20 years prior.

Until Today

The ’90s were a time of unnecessary complicated Rube Goldberg machines and dimwitted parents. A time when kids got to shine. This Eggo commercial featured a teenage boy annoyed that he’s always last to get a breakfast waffle. Instead of simply waking up earlier, he decides to build a machine from his bedroom that essentially steals an Eggo from his unsuspecting father. No respect.

Monster Girl

With each commercial we see, the general theme is to not stand between someone and their Eggo Waffle. In this ad from the early 2000s, a little girl is playing with her doll and enjoying a nice plate of Eggos. Her older brother, who already finished his, attempts to steal a bite. The seemingly sweet girl transforms into a monster and terrifies the shit out of her older sibling.

Don’t Steal Eggo Waffles From The Baby

As we’ve seen from our previous Eggo commercials, it’s best to keep your hands to yourselves when it comes to Eggo Waffles. This sneaky dad just wanted a bite or two of the crispy, golden-brown waffles. Since his son was already wise to his shenanigans, he decides to steal some from his baby girl. Unfortunately, this exposed him to a superhuman beatdown. Poor fella.

By Peter Pham

Pete's favorite foods include pizza, tacos and pretty much any kind of breakfast. He'll usually snap a photo or two while his food cools down.