Edible Water Drop is Actually a Plastic-Free Water Bottle


If you’re sick and tired of plastic water bottles ending up in our landfills, you may be in luck. The Ooho is a blob-shaped water container that’s plastic-free, hygienic, biodegradable, and edible. Inspired by techniques used in molecular gastronomy, the Ooho is created by shaping liquids into spheres and holds the shape with a thin membrane made from brown algae and calcium chloride.

“The double membrane protects the inside hygienically, and makes it possible to put labels between the two layers without any adhesive,” says Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, one of the creators of Ooho.


Branding aside, the designers concocted this to address the fact that many people are drinking water in disposable bottles, and 80 percent of those aren’t recycled. However, the product still needs to work out a few kinks — like how to keep the package clean and how to avoid spilling water all over yourself. Another brand, Wikipearl, uses a similar technique to warp foods like ice cream and yogurt. These little “bon bons” will be available at Whole Foods soon. For now, the Ooho is on display during Milan’s Design week, and hopefully it wont be too long before we see that on shelves as well.

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By Nora Landis-Shack

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Despite the fact that this is just water, it sounds delicious. At least from a textural standpoint.

Heck, maybe we’ll even see flavored variations with flavor-infused membranes.

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