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E. Coli Hits Chipotle Restaurants In SIX States, Should We Be Worried?


A few weeks ago, we wrote that more than 43 Chipotle locations were closed down due to an E. coli scare. While the outbreak was only limited to a two-state region, the company closed all the surrounding restaurants just to play things safe. Those restaurants have since reopened. Unfortunately, the E. coli has now expanded to six states.

There have now been reported cases in Minnesota, Ohio, New York and California with Washington and Oregon being the two original states.

Six states means its more than just one unclean kitchen. Currently, there’s an ongoing investigation to figure out the specific food item that’s connected to the E. coli.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 45 people have been infected and 43 of those infected said they had eaten at Chipotle within the week they were sick. The CDC says that the infection began within the window of Oct. 19 to Nov. 8.

Luckily, there have been no deaths.

A spokesman for Chipotle said that the company doesn’t believe it’s necessary right now to close any of the restaurants and is currently not aware of any employees that have become ill. They are, however, taking extreme measures to maintain a healthy and clean environment for preparing food.

Kind of makes us nervous for our next Chipotle visit, though.

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By Peter Pham

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