Eating Nutella is as Healthy as Eating Cake Batter


We already knew that all of those Nutella commercials telling mothers that the hazelnut spread is part of a healthy breakfast were selling chocolate-covered lies, but we didn’t quite realize that putting Nutella on your toast is basically just soaking it in cake batter. Though Nutella does contain significant amounts of protein and is indeed made from hazelnuts, two tablespoons of the stuff contains two hundred calories, twenty-one grams of sugar, and eleven grams of fat — making it roughly as healthy as a Milky Way candy bar.

It’s okay, Nutella. The health myth dies hard, but we here at Foodbeast have put Nutella in so many things we love (including popsicles, cinnamon rolls, truffles, muffins, and marshmallows, to name a few) it only makes sense that we’d stuff Nutella in our arteries as well. We’ll die happy.

H/T to ABC News + PicThx to Gawker

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