4 Of The Cutest Ways To Get Drunk On Easter

“Adulting” is hard, there is no doubt about it. As contributing members of society we are expected to give up a lot of little pleasures in life, like, the 12-and-under-menu, a consistent nap schedule, and dino nuggets.

With Easter looming and only younger brother hyped for the holiday, I decided enough is enough..

While children spend the day eating various chocolates shaped like Bambi, parents with children see a day that consists of waking up at an (ironically) ungodly hour, to purposely make a mess of their house with strategically placed cheap plastic grass, and bright egg-shaped contraptions whose only purpose are to house various forms of sugar highs.

College students who live near home are stoked for the free meal, but not stoked about having to get their life together enough to be presentable in front of the ‘rents, if only for a day. And everyone who is not Christian is left out of yet another holiday.

The bottom line is, no one is really winning on Easter except the tiny humans partaking in the Easter egg sugar binge — until now.

From the adult who cant quite get their shit together, to the Pinterest enthusiast, there is a boozy Easter treat for everyone 21 and up, and I am bringing that list to you.



For the chocolate lover:

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.18.27 PM

picthx tablespoon

The purpose of a hollowed out chocolate bunny has raised many important questions throughout the years, like, why the fuck they don’t just fill in the gaping hole and give you your full 5 dollars worth of chocolate-y goodness? Hollowed out chocolate is like the tease of the chocolate world. You expect so much and get so little, however, the good news is we finally have an answer to what to do with your hollow chocolate bunny tease. The purpose has been made abundantly clear — to allow you to get chocolate wasted right along side America’s youth. Just pour your favorite liquor in and voila, now you’re under the influence.

Learn how to festively get chocolate wasted here


For the adult who still isn’t quite over their college days:


picthx elite daily

Nothing says, ‘I miss greek row and college’ quite like Jello shots. The good news is Easter gives you an excuse to make them without people questioning you (too much). Make these easy Peep-shaped Jell0 shots to relive your glory days and show the rest of the family you still have way too much time on your hands.

Get the recipe for a frat party sized hangover here


For the lazy drinker:

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.56.47 PM

picthx ddgdaily

No frills. Nothing crazy, just a simple festive chocolate egg vessel in which to hold your liquid magic. Take the top off a hollowed out chocolate egg, and boom INSTANT SHOT GLASS! If sweet and simple is how you like your alcohol delivered, this is the boozy Easter treat for you!

learn how to make it a little more sophisticated here


For the Pinterest connosieur:


picthx lovebakesgoodcakes

This easter cocktail is a win-win-win. Not only will it get you drunk, but it looks nice and has little room for error. This is a Pinterest lover’s dream. Too often there is fear of becoming a #pinterestfail. With this super easy cocktail it is hard to mess up and you are also guaranteed to impress. I have basically led you to Easter pinterest gold. You can thank me by sending me one. Hold the Peep. Add an extra shot. Please and thank you.

Get your Pinterest fix here

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