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Dunkin’ Donuts Applies For Bagel Holes ‘Bunchkins’ Trademark


Carbophiles, rejoice. It’s almost 2013 and no one cares about Atkins anymore.

And to celebrate this new-found freedom (or maybe just the 40th birthday of their Munchkins–congrats, guys! You don’t look a day over 20), Dunkin’ Donuts is bringing us the Bunchkin. Or they’re trying to.

As we all know, eating a handful of donut holes > eating the whole donut (wordplay!), so naturally, the same applies to bagel holes, right? Right. And just like donut holes were technically around before Dunkin’ named ’em Munchkins and rocked the world, bagel holes are hardly new to the scene: New York’s lauded Momofuku Milk Bar has its Bagel Bombs, like Thomas (you may know them as the English Muffin people) and Einstein Bros. Bagels have bagel holes and “Bagel Poppers” respectively. Technically, Dunkin’ even sells a sausage-stuffed version in South Korea. But if Dunkin’ can get the rights to call them Bunchkins, they will be that much closer to recreating breakfast again.

Right now, the 62-year-old company is still working out the legal kinks and has no set date for these starchy spheres of awesome, but in the meantime, you, and I, and the rest of the Dunkin’ Faithful can ponder the next step in geometric business sales.

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By Aziza Sullivan

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