Dual Shot-Chaser Glass Eliminates Dreaded Lag In Between


Every time someone suggests a round of shots, I involuntary throw up in my mouth a little. Truth. Unless we’re talking whiskey, I’m the one scanning the room for any form of a chaser, whether it be beer or a half-empty Red Bull. However, even with a chaser in hand and a shot in the other, that dreaded lag time in between still exists.

Luckily, this dual shot glass seeks to eliminate that problem by combining your liquor on top and your chaser of choice at the bottom. Note, in order to keep the liquids separate you’ll need to pour the heavier liquid first (usually the chaser) and may need the help of a bar spoon when pouring the shot over. The plastic container is able to hold 2.5 oz of chaser while a 1.5 oz shot sits above it. Vodka and OJ, Hennessy and Sunkist (trust me) — the possibilities are endless.

Plus, it cuts down on the inevitable clean up the next day. Wins all around.

Dual Shot Glasses, Set of 4, $10 @Amazon

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By Charisma Madarang

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I truly do not understand the allure of drinking something which you dislike so much that you need to drink something else to chase the bad taste out of your mouth. You people are crazy. Have a nice tall glass (or a mason jar) of sweet tea. It tastes much better, and it won’t give you a hangover.

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