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Drunk Trespassers Caught On Camera Trying To Cook and Steal Dumplings At Popular NYC Restaurant

Two drunk women recently trespassed into X’ian Famous Foods and tried to cook dumplings in cold water. That should be enough at face value to determine their lack of sobriety and intelligence here.

According to the X’ian Famous Foods Instagram and Facebook pages, two seemingly inebriated women waltzed into the popular restaurant’s kitchen after a power failure in the door mechanism made the electronic lock disengage. What unfolded was a whole scene of buffoonery that a Nestcam recorded, which included the trespassers attempting to cook dumplings in cold water, complaining of the lighting in the kitchen with the lights shut off, and claims of noodles being cooked in oil instead of hot water.

X’ian Famous Foods didn’t seem to have a hardline stance on the matter as they admitted “we do have a sense of humor, so we thought we’d highlight some of the dialogue that we thought were interesting.”

Some of the more entertaining dialogue between the trespassers can be seen below, along with owner and CEO Jason Wang’s commentary in parentheses:

“Are we trespassing?” (yes)
“Why is this slippery on the floor?”
“Cuz noodles are made in oil” (no)
“I found some balls” (no)
“I’ve worked in the food industry” (doesn’t look like it)
“I’m gonna flashlight myself, cuz this light is not enough” (lights are off)
“I feel like this is the general light this place usually has” (no it’s not, it’s off)
“What am I watching for again? People?”
“Any people” (Lookout 101)
“I’m gunna make myself some lamb noodles” (It is indeed one of our top sellers)
“Bitch, I’m in Gucci shoes” [in the kitchen], (yea that’s probably why it’s slippery for you guys in a freaking kitchen…)
“What are you doing?” “I’m frying things” (no…that’s cold water you are dipping into)
“I’m stealing these dumplings” (announcing one’s crime, appreciate the clarity)

By Reach Guinto

Reach loves the Lakers, fried chicken, and a well-executed DDT. He came out the womb with a fried egg on top of his head.