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Sleepy Drunk Guy Pays Cops for McDonald’s, Charged with DUI


Sometimes it’s late into the night, you’re a little drunk and all you want is fast food. Some of the more responsible options include walking there yourself, ordering, then  satiating your munchies, or asking a buddy to drive you after offering to buy him fries. Not so much the case for a man in Connecticut, however.

A man was allegedly under the influence when he passed out in his vehicle while parked at the Connecticut McDonald’s. When we say parked, we really mean fell asleep in the middle of the drive-thru, reports WTAE. The police arrived to discover the 41-year-old man asleep in the driver’s seat.

The driver had ordered four cheeseburgers before knocking out in his car for 15 minutes. When the officers responding woke him up, the dazed gentleman proceeded to hand the cops cash for his meal.

He was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

H/T Consumerist

By Peter Pham

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