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A Dr. Seuss Breakfast Restaurant Is Opening In Colorado And You Know What’s On The Menu


A restaurant in Fort Collins, CO is preparing to open their doors and they have a pretty colorful gimmick to draw in new patrons. We’ll give you a hint, one of the dishes features green and ham.

According to The Coloradoan, Sammy’s Breakfast Bar will serve a Dr. Seuss-inspired menu for breakfast and lunch. As you probably expected, the menu will draw inspiration from the classic novel Green Eggs ‘N Ham. Decor inside the 90-seat establishment will also reflect the beloved children’s book series.

Other dishes for the restaurant will include a variety of Eggs Benedict dishes, peanut butter and jelly-stuffed pancakes, and a bar stacked with mimosas and bloody marys.

The upcoming restaurant is set to open in late December and will feature the iconic dish Sam I Am initially wanted no part of before succumbing to its deliciousness.

Photo: Sammy’s Breakfast Bar

By Peter Pham

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