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Woman Climbs Drive-Thru Window, Robs McDonald’s In Worst Disguise Ever


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If you’ve ever been to a McDonald’s in the late hours, you’ve probably noticed that it’s usually one dude trying to work not only the front, but the drive-thru as well. Sure, there’s probably someone working in the back, but there isn’t much surveillance during the grave shifts.

Well, the cameras are on surveillance, but that didn’t stop a woman in Howard County, Maryland from climbing through the drive-thru window, filling up a drink, and stealing money from the register on Nov. 5.

Footage shows the woman reaching in through the window, attempting to fill up a drink, but after struggling a bit, decided to just climb all the way in.

Perhaps the funniest thing is how she showed her entire face as she made her way into the restaurant, but attempted to shield herself by pulling her shirt over her head on the way out.

Where the employees were, who knows, but you have to think some poor employee’s in trouble for not catching any of this heist go down.

You can try to call her a stupid criminal, but Howard County PD is still looking for her, so she got away, for now.

h/t cbs Baltimore

By Isai Rocha

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