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8 Hilarious Drive-Thru Pranks Caught On Camera

The hours that a clerk at a fast food drive-thru puts in can get pretty monotonous at times. Serving customer after customer for eight hour shifts can play tricks with your mind. Sometimes, it’s a breath of fresh air when a wacky customer comes to the drive-thru.

In the last few years, the Internet has become lush with drive-thru related pranks. Some were astounding in creativity while others simply focused on the execution. Despite the differences, we still got some pretty good escapades at a variety of fast food joints.

We leapt into the rabbit hole called YouTube and found some of the best fast food drive-thru pranks on the Internet. Check them out!

Person Swap

Dealing with so many customers throughout the day, orders tend to blend together at times. This prank swaps the guy from BigDawsTv with a blonde model, confusing some unsuspecting fast food employees. In the caper, he’ll ask for a large cup or water, or another menu item when he receives his food and when they turn away, the swap occurs.

Little Kid Driver

Would you believe a kid if he told you he had a disease that made him look like a juvenile? That’s what happens in this drive-thru prank where Denis Denisyuk talks an 11-year-old boy into masquerading as an 18-year-old. Some of the cashiers are apprehensive, while others see right through the ruse.


You never forget meeting your first robot. Through the practical application of a fake carseat costume and a robot extension attached to it, the prankster tricks unsuspecting drive-thru employees into believing that a mechanical man has the fast food munchies. As he pulls up to the window, most of the workers run off in fear. As they should when it comes to strange machines.

Escaped Prisoner

What would you do if a guy in handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit drove up to your window and ordered food? In this classic Tom Mabe prank, fast food employees were shocked to find what appeared to be an escaped prisoner visiting their fast food spot. Some went about their business, while others seemed to stall while they alerted the authorities. How would you handle this situation?

The Invisible Customer

Working in fast food can get really spooky late at night. Imagine getting a graveyard shift, and a car rolls ups with no one driving. MagicofRahat created a costume that looks like an empty drivers seat, allowing him to drive up to the windows while maintaining the illusion that no one was there. Needless to say, some employees were pretty shocked.

The Puppy Swap

With all these shitty pranks featured, here’s one that probably made a food server’s day. In another BigDawsTV swap video, the driver this time switches places with an adorable puppy rather than another person. The employees instantly figure this is a prank. At least they get to play with the pup a bit. Hopefully they wash their hands after, though.

Fart Spray

Probably one of the more juvenile pranks we’ve seen, the crew from Jay Karl’s Pranks got a bottle of “Liquid Ass” and sprayed it onto their orders after it was handed to them. They would then give it back to the restaurant claiming something was wrong.

Static Shock fainting

We saved the most messed up for last. In this prank, the MagicofRahat feigns getting static shock from a transaction and immediately collapses onto the steering wheel as the car drives off. The employees are noticeably horrified and concerned over his well-being. Obviously he’s fine, but this experience can’t be good for anyone with high blood pressure.

By Peter Pham

Pete's favorite foods include pizza, tacos and pretty much any kind of breakfast. He'll usually snap a photo or two while his food cools down.