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Drake Showed Up To A Market, Locked The Doors And Paid For Everyone’s Groceries

Drake released the music video for single “God’s Plan,” where he said he donated the video’s budget of almost $1 million to give back to the community of Miami, Florida.

A scene in the video shows him hopping on top of a cash register at Sabor Tropical Supermarket, holding a megaphone and saying, “Anything you guys want in the store is free,” and apparently, it was a legitimate surprise for about 50 people inside the store, February 6.

According to Hollywood Pipeline, when Drake went into the store, locked the doors, let the shoppers grab whatever they wanted, and just handed over his credit card.

Customers were interviewed outside of the store, some not even knowing who Drake was, but were excited to get their groceries paid for. Customers didn’t hold back either, some racking up $1,000 bills on their groceries.

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Several YouTube videos showed Drake’s impromptu money giveaways, as he even showed up at Miami Senior High School, surprised the students by shooting part of his video there, donated to the school, and have out scholarships.

He distributed the $966,6361.90 at a lot of different places throughout the community. Check out the touching music video below:

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