These Colorful Fried Fish Are Served On Beds Of French Fries

‘Fish and chips’ have waited long enough for an upgrade, and good lord, they’ve finally gotten it.

Introducing the newest addition to the menu at Dos Chinos in Orange County, CA: Fried Fish Fries.

Waaay cooler than your everyday basket of fish-and-chips (sorry, Brits). True craftsmanship has really gone into and built up to this dish.

Owner Hop Phan skillfully designed the dish in collaboration with FOODBEAST. When assembling a platter, he starts by slicing into a fresh, chilly sea bass or tilapia — up to the customer’s choosing — and submerging it into a deep fryer until crispy from head to tailfin.

Once it’s reached full golden-brown mode, the fish is placed atop fries with purple cabbage, cilantro, and *magic*,  the final, plated presentation bringing a rainbow of mouthwatering flavors. From the green gobs of Asian salsa verde, crema, pineapple, and garlic, to the chunks of freshly cooked fish just waiting to be stripped and devoured, Dos Chinos’ new item is a thrill from start to finish.

If you too want to try out this fish dish for yourself, make sure to stop by Dos Chinos soon — and bring your friends. A portion of profits from each purchased order of Fried Fish Fries during the month of May will benefit Project Hope Alliance, a local nonprofit organization that services homeless children and families.

Eat, enjoy, and admit — you’re hooked.

By Molly Shannon

Molly is the original krill queen and co-founder of the Boba Belt. She fancies a mean ramen burger, and a cold glass of nonfat milk.