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5 Weeks of Massive Deals You Can Unlock With DoorDash’s Summer Campaign

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely hate getting FOMO—especially over summer.  Concerts, pool parties, epic gaming sessions… There is so much to do, and so little time.  Let DoorDash be the one to help you experience the joys of summer, by bringing the best in your neighborhood straight to your door without skipping a beat on everything else you’ve got going on.  

With DoorDash’s DashPass — a membership program that offers $0 delivery fees, reduced service fees and member-only benefits on eligible orders — you get dibs on the best deals while experiencing all that your neighborhood has to offer. This is a great way to order from your favorite local spots, without a side of “breaking the bank.”

Summer of DashPass deals are already underway, featuring free burgers, burritos, and exclusive savings from some of your favorite national fast food joints, along with exciting deals at your favorite local restaurants. And if you want to let loose a little, enjoy a 20% off deal on alcohol orders from July 28 through August 3. 

You can savor the savings right away during the Summer of DashPass, with new members receiving 50% off their first order (up to $15), making it the easiest way to get everything you need, delivered, for less. 

There is a lot to be excited about, since DoorDash isn’t just delivering food and essentials to your door. They’ve even started rolling out some saucy collaborations with your favorite artists to spice up DashPass member’s exclusive dining experience.

In a push to continue bringing more value to DashPass members,“DoorDash is focused on bringing all the best of the neighborhood to customers’ doors and a DashPass membership unlocks that access at the most affordable price,” said Hank Couture, DoorDash VP of US Marketplace. “We’re thrilled to bring even more value to our members this year at a time when saving on essential items like groceries and school supplies matter more than ever.”

While the free deliveries, an average of $5 of savings on every eligible order and overall convenience is enticing enough, having DashPass gets you these insane deals throughout the summer season:

Block Party – Your Pass to Neighborhood Savings | July 28 – August 3 

  • $10 off 1 order from DashMart with a minimum purchase of $20
  • $5 off from Arby’s with a minimum purchase of $20
  • 20% off alcohol orders with a minimum purchase of $35 (max $10 off)

Beach Week – Sand, Sun, Savings | August 4 – 10 

  • Get a free quesadilla from Taco Bell, with a minimum purchase of 20$ 
  • Get a free pizza from Little Caesars with a minimum purchase of $20 
  • 40% off from Albertsons with a minimum purchase of $40 

Road Trip – Save More and Explore | August 11 – 17

  • 20% off unlimited fresh grocery orders and convenience items from DashMart (max $10 off) 
  • Get a free milkshake from Baskin Robbins with a minimum purchase of $20 
  • 25% off orders $30+ from CVS (max $10 off)

Back to School – New Routines, New Deals | August 18 – 24 

  • 50% off from Office Depot/OfficeMax (max $20 off) 
  • 30% off from Grocery Outlet with a minimum purchase of $40 (max $20 off) 
  • $20 off all other grocery orders of $40+

With all the benefits you get by having one less thing on your plate, there’s a lot to love, and a lot more to look forward to with DashPass. And summer is just the beginning of these new experiences. 

To take advantage of these incredible offers, be sure to sign up for DashPass, where you could save an average of $5 or more on every eligible order. During the Summer of DashPass, you can get so much more with just $59 for the year, with brand new members getting 50% off their first order, up to $15. Students can keep even more money in their pockets, with the DashPass for Students plan for under $5 a month or $48 for the year.  A summer where you can have everything, and everything delivered to you is just a few clicks away.

By Raphael Madrid

Raphael is a lot better at eating than he is cooking. He also opts for the al pastor over the carne asada in his tacos and burritos. Mild in the streets, picante in the sheets. Vegeta > Vegetables.