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Man Turns Donut Box Into Resume, Hand Delivers It To Employer

When on a job search, you only get one shot at making a positive first impression, and if your resume is full of misspellings, doesn’t show off your skills, or is just plain boring… good luck.

Lukas Yla didn’t have any trouble making a lasting impression, as he went all out to show employers his creativity, utilizing a box of donuts.

Yla slyly dressed up as a Postmates delivery boy, strolled into the offices of potential employers, handed off some famous Mr. Homes Bakehouse, and once the box of baked goods was opened — bam! — his resume was attached on the inside for viewing.


He had a message that read, “Most resumes end up in trash. Mine – in your belly.”

This was not only clever, but accurate and true. He made sure his resume didn’t just get lost in an inbox, or thrown out by a receptionist, he used his strategic marketing techniques to make sure he at least made it to the employer’s hands.


He then went on to admit that he dressed as a Postmates deliveryman because he wanted to personally hand in his resume.


He’s done this quite a few times, and told The Next Web that it led to 10 interviews. His LinkedIn account doesn’t list any new jobs under his belt, so unless he hasn’t updated it, he’s going to need to buy a few more donuts.

It’s a damn good effort, though, worthy of 5 out of 5 clapping Shias:






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