Vegan-Shunning Donut Shop Enrages Community

Photo Credit: Pip’s Original Doughnuts Facebook

A job ad, for a Portland doughnut shop is now the center of controversy because of a hiring requirement.

Pip’s Original Doughnuts, a shop specializing in miniature doughnuts, posted a restriction of potential hires from having non-medical, non-religious dietary restrictions.

The result? Outrage from vegans, vegetarians and alternative diet supporters, many posting one-star reviews and vowing to never go to the business again.

In a Facebook post following the controversy, the owners stated the requirement was the result of employees in the past changing their diets and not being able to eat what the shop serves, which they say “created health safety issues and compromised the excellence and integrity of our product.”

Part of the job does require employees to taste food and drinks.

While the owners are insisting that the requirement is not meant to be “us versus vegans” the hate keeps coming in.

According to Pip’s Doughnuts’ Facebook page the protesters are even trying to purchase donuts and force the shop to sell out.

Many well behaved protesters buying hundreds of doughnuts in a desperate attempt to make us sell out. We are standing strong.

Posted by Pip’s Original Doughnuts on Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Not only are the shop owners standing firm on their statement, the owners seem to be having fun with the hateful comments. The doughnut shop’s response to the one-star-reviews have mainly been a comment of a bracelet saying vegans, peace, love, among other sassy comments.  Screenshot (40)

The owners did offer a compromise. According to a Facebook post, while they don’t plan on changing the job posting, they are willing to consider someone with a voluntary dietary restriction if they send an email. They ask potential candidates to explain “how it would look if you worked for us and what types of workarounds you would propose to maintain the integrity and safety of our product.”

By Kara Carlson

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