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‘Donugs’, AKA Donut-Shaped Chicken Nuggets, Are The Newest Must-Try Food Hybrid

Fried chicken and donuts are the Romeo and Juliet of finger food, a true match made in foodie heaven. Putting them together in a donut should be illegal because of how indulgent it sounds, but somebody’s gone and done it.

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A new Melbourne food business has just combined crispy chicken and donuts together into the newest food hybrid. Called “Donugs,” they’ve been the talk of Australia recently after making a big splash on their version of Shark Tank. There, owner Crag Carrick was able to walk away with an astounding $100,000 AUD ($74,000 USD) offer for his brand-new venture.

Each “Donug” starts out the same, with a panko-crusted ring of ground chicken flavored with a secret blend of spices. From there, toppings can vary, with the most advertised one being a cheesy Dijon bechamel with black salt and chili flakes.

Carrick’s wife (a top chef in Melbourne) helped him develop the concept as he searched for a last-minute food entry for a chicken nugget festival. According to the BBC, the Donugs sold out in just 6 hours at their debut, and the same thing happened again at a second festival. Afterwards, Carrick went on Shark Tank, and things took off from there.

For those hoping to get their hands on these now, Carrick will be selling them at different festival events in Australia starting in July. He’ll be updating exactly where through Donugs’ Instagram and via e-mails that you can sign up for on the Donugs website.

By Constantine Spyrou

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