Don’t Blink on The Crapper: Weeping Angel Toilet Decals


Imagine you’ve just enjoyed a hearty helping of fish fingers and custard. You’re ready to drop off your “companions” at the “pool,”  when you flip on the lights and find these Weeping Angels staring back at you.

Just try not to crap your pants.

Sold in a set of two, these Doctor Who themed toilet decals are perfect for Whovians. Per the Doctor’s warning, don’t blink or you might just find yourself back in the 1920s caught with your pants down and soiling someone else’s dinner, literally.

Weeping Angel Toilet Decals $17.99 @ Dangerous Minds

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By Ashley Khawsy

Ashley believes in breakfast for dinner, sushi burritos, and the fact that there's always room for dessert. She moonlights as a pastry chef baking up sweet treats for her business, Smashbakes.

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