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Domino’s Stock Has Grown Faster Than Amazon, Apple and Google Since 2010

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If you invested in Domino’s Pizza stock in 2010, you might find yourself sitting on a pretty nice fortune right about now.

According to Quartz, the pizza chain’s stock value has risen by over 2000% since the start of the new decade, out-competing heavyweights like Apple, Google, Facebook, and even Amazon in terms of stock growth since that time period.

The rapid stock price growth makes Domino’s the fourth fastest growing company with a market cap of at least one billion dollars on the New York Stock Exchange. The three companies better than Domino’s are in medicine and furniture, making Domino’s the best food stock that you could have invested in since 2010.

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What are the reasons that the pizza giant has been doing so well? The company has been in a massive turnaround phase since 2009 and completely revamped their ingredient supplies, which has helped to restore trust in a pizza that most people felt tasted terrible beforehand.

Domino’s also leverages a massive technological advantage when it comes to mobile and online ordering, which is where over half of its sales come from.

Quartz also speculated that the rise and success of Netflix could be responsible for Domino’s success, which does make sense. If you’re in watching Netflix for the night and need food, you’re probably gonna do delivery. Chances are that if it’s a pizza, it could be Domino’s.

As the popularity of streaming entertainment and mobile ordering solidifies as industry standards, so should the success of Domino’s Pizza. So if you have that fortune of Domino’s stock you’ve been sitting on since 2010, I’d sit on it a little longer. And if you do invest or are looking to invest for the first time, maybe consider purchasing Domino’s stock.

By Constantine Spyrou

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