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Domino’s Just Created The Ultimate Delivery Car With A Built-In Oven

When you have a pizza delivered, it just isn’t has hot as it would be coming fresh out of the oven. That’s the dissappointing reality of not wanting to leave the house. Domino’s, however, has devised a brilliant plan to fix this minor issue.

They’re gonna throw ovens in the delivery cars.

The DXP (Delivery Expert) is a specially designed pizza delivery vehicle. Created to help drivers carry out their deliveries with greater ease and efficiency, the car has a variety of features that help enhance the pizza ordering experience for patrons.

This includes a built-in warming oven that keeps pizza and other foods as hot as they left the store. Practically every seat, save the driver’s, is stripped. This leaves more room for larger pizza orders.

The car also features a puddle light that projects the Domino’s logo on the ground wherever it goes. Y’know, in case you couldn’t already tell. Finally, there’s an On-Star navigation system in each DXP that prevents driver’s from getting lost.

Sadly, delivery drivers will still have to use their own cars for the time being. Only a few DXP cars have been produced so far. Think of it as Captain America during the war, a symbol of innovation.

Photo: PRNewswire

By Peter Pham

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