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How A Hungover Dude Got Domino’s Delivered Straight To His Bed

If you’ve ever been hungover to the point where you don’t even want to get out of bed, you can appreciate this guy’s genius strategy.

Out in the U.K., Sam Zegrour was bed-ridden with a “sinister hangover,” unable to move, and eventually got hungry. There was no way he was getting out of bed that day, so he was in quite a dilemma.

Thankfully, he was able to muster up enough brain power to order some Domino’s pizza, give the driver specific instructions, and an explanation for the instructions, all with seven words and an emoji.

“Sinister Hangover Door open Please bring upstairs.” He closed his request with a prayer hands emoji and put in his order, waiting to see what would happen.

Against all odds, it worked. Zegrour snapped a quick photo of the delivery guy in his room with pizzas in hand, as it was a successful delivery.

He posted these photos on Facebook with the caption reading, “Current situation. Not all heroes wear capes.”

Hopefully he tipped the delivery guy well, as he earned it with these heroic efforts.

h/t brobible

By Isai Rocha

Isai is the self-proclaimed Kanye West of burrito eating. He has a hard time trusting vegans, ranch dressing and especially vegan ranch dressing.