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Legendary Di Fara Pizza Owner, Domenico ‘Dom’ DeMarco, Dies at 85

Photo: Marc Kharrat

As reported by Brooklyn Magazine, Domenico “Dom” DeMarco, the legendary owner of Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn, New York, has passed away at the age of 85.

The above post on Di Fara Pizza’s Instagram account broke the news yesterday, as written by DeMarco’s daughter Maggie DeMarco-Mieles.

Di Fara Pizza was opened by DeMarco in 1965 and ascended to be one of the most celebrated restaurants in Brooklyn. The recognition and prestige garnered by the pizza joint then traveled well beyond the borough, quickly becoming one of the best slices in all of New York.

From there, national acknowledgement was inevitable for Demarco and Di Fara Pizza, as they acquired numerous accolades from food publications and critics that led to perpetually long lines and much success throughout the decades.

Foodbeast Marc Kharrat had a chance to pay a visit to Di Fara Pizza recently and had nothing but heaps of praise to say: “First time I got to try his pizza, I was fortunate enough to see him in action, carefully and meticulously putting a whole pie together with grace.The pizza itself is truly something special. The regular pie is thin and gorgeous, with each slice melting in my mouth A phenomenal crust and fresh basil puts everything over the top.”

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