Documentary Gives a Morbidly Beautiful Glimpse Into the Food Industry [WATCH]


Once in a while, we come across something powerful and compelling enough to change our perspective on reality. This clip from a 2011 documentary titled Samsara, “the ever turning wheel of life,” is one of those moments.

Devoid of dialogue, the six minute video takes viewers on a intimate journey through a realm rarely seen in the food industry. The cold detachment that exists between the consumer and the product is conveyed in sweeping, mesmerizing scenes. From the process of animal slaughter lit under florescent facility lights to a final shot of a visit to the doctor’s office, Samsara is is a reflection on “the rhythm of the planet.”

It should be noted that there are no direct shots of animals being beaten or activists protesting against animal cruelty, as the film’s message is subtle — aiming to have a sensory effect rather than one that is cerebral. “Our film is more about feelings and an inner journey than an intellectual experience,” producer Mark Magidson told the New York Times. “We’re not trying to say anything.”

The entire documentary takes place in 25 different countries over a period of five years. Much like the clip below, the film explores the underlying current that connects our every day lives.

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