do you like free food?

Hi everyone! Hope everyone had an awesome day. Foodbeast would like to share some excellent news with ya’ll. Tomorrow, May 15th, fast food mogul McDonald’s and snack king Dunkin’ Donuts are giving back to the people, free of charge!

That’s right, tomorrow McDonald’s will be giving away free samples of their new “Southern Style” sandwiches with the purchase of any medium or large drink. They are hoping to create some hype for their new expanded chicken menu, and I think this is a pretty gnarly way of doing that!

If coffee is your thing, go into any Dunkin’ Donuts tomorrow from 10 AM to 10 PM and they will hook it up with a free small 16 oz original or flavored ice coffee! Apparently they are the biggest seller of iced coffee in the country and sold 190 million servings of iced coffee last year. Ridiculous!

This is such an awesome idea. Hopefully these two chains start a trend and soon enough we’ll be seeing free food on every corner. You tryin’ to sell me a burger? Well I’m not even coming inside the restaurant until I got some fries and a Coke!

Call me crazy, but giving out food for free-ninety-nine appeals to me a lot more than seeing even the best commercial or trendy billboard. I mean free food? That’s the ticket to my heart as a consumer. Putting that common sense to use baby. Major kudos to the marketing teams at McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Please go show some love to McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts tomorrow and they are gonna give it right back at no charge.

Until next time friends, keep loving and keep eating (for free!)

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